Announcing Emergence Volume 2

After the success of Emergence (click here for more info), we are delighted to announce a second volume of poetry and prose on ageing.

Invitation to Contributors:
Members of the British Geriatrics Society and the Irish Gerontological Society are invited to propose pieces to include in Emergence Volume 2.

How to contribute:
Send us the title and author name of either a piece of poetry or prose (up to 1000 words), along with a reflection of up to 200 words about why you chose the piece.
We are particularly interested in pieces that show ageing in a positive light. Send your pieces to

Important note on copyright
In general, if the author died more than 70 years ago, the piece may be reproduced freely. All other pieces will need copyright approval, and there may be a cost to the contributor.

We expect the book to be on the shelves in 2022, with all profits going to age-related charities (Vol 1 raised 10,000 euros)

Zoe Wyrko
Shane O'Hanlon
Paul Finucane

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.1 Who can submit?
A. Anyone who is a member of the BGS or IGS can submit. We are keen for contributions from all professions!

Q.2  Can I submit a piece I wrote myself?
A. We are mostly interested in pieces that have already been written, but we will consider all submissions

Q.3 Do I get paid or do I need to pay?
We are doing this for charity so we are not offering payment. If you nominate a piece that is out of copyright then you won't have to pay; if there is a charge for copyright we are asking contributors to cover the cost.

Q.4 How should I submit? Word doc, weblink, etc?
The easiest is a Word doc with your nominated piece and your reflection.

Q.5 When will I know if my piece has been accepted?
We will get back to you within a few days with an initial acceptance or otherwise. If copyright permission needs to be obtained from the original publisher, that can take several months.

Q.6 Why should I do this?
We found the experience of putting together the first volume to be an absolute joy. Contributors told us they loved doing something so different to their day job, and the finished book was highly appreciated. We anticipate similar good vibes for everyone this time around!

Q.7 I'm not arty or poetic, should I submit?
YES! Please do send us your piece and tell us a bit about why you like it. It doesn't have to be an in-depth analysis, and it could be a story or a good memory.